2019 Meeting Calendar

22nd January 2019 7:30pm:

Tree and pot combinations.

Tasks for January: Trees need protecting from heavy rainfall and freezing winds. Do not feed this month.

19th February 2019 7:30pm:

Repotting night.

Tasks for February: A busy month with branches that have died back trimmed, protect from frosts. Prepare for repotting. Only feed evergreens with a balanced feed that are not being repotted.

19th March 2019 7:30pm:

Corin Tomlinson on maples.

Tasks for March: Repot and root prune bonsai, but not flowering species.

16th April 2019 7:30pm:

Simon Temblett on deadwood.

Tasks for April: Shelter newly repotted trees. Protect from late frosts. Repot Pines. Feeding schedules can start but do not feed newly potted trees or trees in flower.

21st May 2019 7:30pm:

Andy Hardman on grafting and airlayering.

Tasks for May: Beware late frost and excessive sun during the day. Keep your eyes peeled for any wires cutting into trees.

18th June 2019 7:30pm:

Five tree night.

Tasks for June: Leaf prune appropriate trees and wire. Keep eyes open for pests that will creep up if not watched. Water thoroughly.

16th July 2019 7:30pm:

Annual show and selection of trees for public event.

Tasks for July: Water thoroughly. Protect from prolonged sun.

20th August 2019 7:30pm:

Society auction of Bonsai, pots, and associated items. A great night to pick up a bargain.

Tasks for August: Change feeding to low or no Nitrogen. Trim long growth. Maintain watering.

17th September 2019 7:30pm:

John Armitage on juniper design.

Tasks for September: Wire new growth, reduce watering to suit trees.

15th October 2019 7:30pm:

Tree advice night.

Tasks for October: Repot evergreens, reduce watering, remove any wires biting into bark.

19th November 2019 7:30pm:

Alex Rudd (EBPC) on bonsai pots.

Tasks for November: Shelter trees from excess rainfall, general clean up of dead leaves.

17th December 2019 7:30pm:

Society's Annual General Meeting and social evening.

Tasks for December: Prune trees as needed, shelter from freezing winds and heavy rainfall, clean up of dead leaves.