Promoting Bonsai as a hobby for all

Beautiful Maple showing Autumn colourThe first dedicated British bonsai society open to all, the National Bonsai Society was formed in Southport in 1973. The objects of the society are to promote, inform and develop the art of Bonsai, for the benefit of members and the health of their trees. We cater for the needs of both beginners and experienced bonsai growers/artists and members are encouraged to not only appreciate the Bonsai of China, Japan and other countries, but to also develop the art of British Bonsai.

Meetings are held in St. George's United Reform Church Hall (next to Sainsburys), Lord Street, Southport PR9 0NP at 7.30 p.m on the third Tuesday of each month. These are of a practical nature, led by a speaker or demonstrator and designed to appeal to a broad range of abilities and interests, from beginners to experienced bonsai growers. Why not come along to the next one and learn more about this fascinating hobby?

Members are encouraged to bring trees to each meeting as it is an excellent way to gain tips and advice from other members and demonstrators.

bonsai creation at 5 Tree NightFor many, Five Tree Night is a highlight of the club year where teams of members are challenged to take a tree and through pruning and training, to produce a bonsai during the meeting. There are prizes for the best tree at the end of the night and it is an excellent event for new or potential members to gain an appreciation of what is involved in creating and caring for bonsai.

The annual membership runs from January to December and visitors are always welcome at the monthly meetings. New members receive our helpful 48 page printed guide: "Bonsai the Why and How, 101 questions and answers about bonsai" that is an excellent reference for all levels of experience.

In addition to the monthly meetings, the club arranges an annual bonsai show and a series of workshops where members can gain experience and advice on all topics of bonsai care.